We aren't just a church with small groups, we're a church of small groups.

Small Groups are a big deal at Harvest. It is the place where relationships are cultivated, care is distributed, truth is encountered, and maturity is fostered in our lives. Joining a small group is an essential part of making Harvest home.

Need help finding a group?

Let us help you by answering some FAQ’s.

How large are the groups?

Groups typically range anywhere from 6-14 people.

When do the groups meet?

They meet every  week, on various days and times.


Which group should I attend?

There are four factors to consider when determining which small group to attend:

  • Select a group based on a leader’s recommendation or invitation.

  • Select a group based upon a relational connection you have made at Harvest.

  • Select a group that fits your schedule.

  • Select a group that is nearest to your home.


Will my small group ever change? Can I ever change groups?

Yes! Every group changes as it grows. When a group grows to a certain size it will multiply into two groups. This is a healthy and exciting reality of strong small groups.

After committing to a Small Group, people do, on occasion, change groups by seeking direction from their group leader and/or a pastor.

Where should I go for more info?

Contact us with any with any questions!

How can I begin to attend?

Let us know which small group you wish to attend and we will get you in contact with the small group leaders. They will give you all the information you need about the group.