God's Method Is Me

20180121 God's Method Is Me.JPG

Luke 24:44-49

Big Idea: God’s method for making and multiplying disciples has never been something, it’s always been someone

I multiply disciples by:

1) Owning the full assignment

Jesus commands for us to observe
a) Love God & others (Matthew 22; John 13)
b) Forgive (Matthew 18)
c) Be baptized (Matthew 28)
d) Tithe generously (Matthew 22)
e) Repent & believe (Mark 1)
f) Prioritize the great commission (Matthew 28)

2) Embracing Jesus’ life on life method

How to be a disciple maker
a) Make disciple making the hub of my life
b) Have a plan
c) No more excuses
d) Start somewhere today and stick with it