Confidence In The Son Of God

Confidence In The Son Of God.JPG

Mark 1:1-15

Big Idea: My Confidence Is Anchored In The Fact That Jesus Is The Son Of God

1) Jesus is the only savior for all (v. 1-8)

Jesus is the Savior:

a) That the Old Testament promises (v. 1-3)
So I trust in God’s word

b) That I have been searching for (v. 4-5)
So I respond to His message

c) That is worth serving (v. 6-8)
So I humbly point others to Jesus

2) Jesus has complete authority over all (v. 9-15)

Jesus’ power is:
a) Confirmed in His baptism (v.9-11)
So I rely on His power

b) Displayed in the wilderness (v. 12-13)
So I fight through His strength

c) Proclaimed in His gospel (v. 14-15)
So I repent and believe