Equipped To Sacrifice For The Mission

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Mark 6:1-29

Big Idea: I Am Equipped & Empowered To Live On Mission For God By Losing Myself & Living For God

1. I sacrifice my popularity and live defined by God (v. 1-6)

2. I sacrifice my self-reliance and live dependent on God (v. 7-13)

5 Leadership Lessons for Living On Mission:

a) Empower others with authority to go with responsibility

b) We are stronger together not alone

c) Go in godly dependence not self-reliance

d) Look for open doors, open hearts and gospel partners

e) Do kingdom work in word & deed

3. I sacrifice my self-preservation and live devoted to God (v. 14-29)

John The Baptist Vs. Herod Antipas:

a) Clothed in humility vs. clothed in earthly riches

b) Fed soul vs. fed flesh

c) Moral courage vs. spineless coward

d) Spoke truth vs. lived a lie

e) Clear conscious vs. troubled conscience

f) At Peace vs. a wreck

g) Full of integrity vs. full of immorality

i) On mission vs. in misery

j) Full of real power vs. full of fake power

k) Eternal impact vs. eternally forgotten