The Provision For The Mission

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Mark 7:31-8:26

Big Idea: Wherever Jesus leads me He will always provide for me

The provision for the mission:

1. When I am in bondage, how can I be confident Jesus provides my freedom? (7:31-37)

a) Because Jesus makes it personal
b) Because Jesus has the power

2. When I am in need, how can I be confident that Jesus will provide? (8:1-10)

a) Because Jesus always cares
b) Because Jesus always delivers
c) Because Jesus alone satisfies

3. When I experience the provision of Jesus, how can I be confident in my response? (8:11-26)

5 Clarifying questions for my daily life on mission:
a) Am I grounded in God’s word?
b) Am I focused on the right things?
c) Am I actively applying God’s word?
d) What is the condition of my heart?
e) Am I actively remembering God’s provision?