Faithfully Investing My Life


Matthew 25:14-30

Big idea: When I Am Faithful God Will Make Me Fruitful

10 Beliefs That Fuel My Faithfulness (Matthew 25:14-30):

1) Jesus Is The Master & I Am The Servant (v. 14)

2) Everything I Have Is From God (v. 14)

3) I Am A Steward Not An Owner (v. 14)

4) I Have Ability From God & Responsibility To God (v. 15)

5) I Am Faithful With What I Do Have Not Frustrated By What I Don’t Have (v. 15)

6) I Will Give An Account One Day To God For How I Invested His Resources (v. 19)

7) Everything I Have Is To Be Invested To Build God’s Kingdom (v. 20-23)

8) Investing In The Kingdom Of God Yields The Highest Return On Investment Possible (v. 20-23)

9) My Faithfulness Starts Small And Grows Big (v. 21, 23, 28-29)

10) My Faithful Investing In God’s Kingdom Work Is Not A Matter Of Convenience But One Of Obedience (v. 26-27)

2 Potential Hindrances To My Faithfulness:

1) My Misconceptions About God & Unbelief In God (v. 24)

* My Solution: I Abide In The Truth Of God & the Truth About God

2) My Fear Of Failure (v. 25)

* My Solution: I Trust In God's Promises Of Gospel Fruitfulness