Committed To Gospel Endurance


Mark 13:1-37

Big idea: Enduring persecution for the gospel propels proclamation of the gospel

How Jesus calls me to endure for the gospel:

1) Stay the course despite opposition (v. 1-9)

My clear path to stay the course:
a. Clear truth (v. 5-7)
b. Clear expectations (v. 7-8)
c. Clear priorities (v. 9)

2) Share the gospel despite persecution (v. 9-13)

3) Seek and serve the Lord despite devastation that is and is to come (v. 14-37)

7 Wake up calls for the church:
a. Wake up to the reality and severity of persecution
b. Wake up to the love, grace, mercy and salvation of God
c. Wake up to the triumphant power of the gospel
d. Wake up to the hope I have through God’s word
e. Wake up to the urgency of the situation
f. Wake up to the mission at hand
g. Wake up to the decision you must make right now