Discipleship Is A Community Journey


Ephesians 4:11-16

Big idea: As I choose to fully anchor in the love of Christ, I am able to become fully mature in Christ and am fully empowered to live on mission for Christ

10 Marks of Spiritual Maturity

1. I pursue complete Christ-likeness passionately (v. 12-13)

2. I follow, obey, and imitate Christ devotedly (v. 12-13)

3. I faithfully teach others to follow Christ locally and globally (v. 13)

4. I pursue unity continually (v. 13)

5. I work for Christ to build God’s church joyfully and generously (v. 11, 16)

6. I steadfastly maintain sound doctrinal integrity (v. 14)

7. I find my identity in Christ completely (v. 14)

8. I speak God’s truth lovingly (v. 15)

9. I faithfully contribute to my Biblical community (v. 15-16)

10. I love others unconditionally (v. 16)