Unafraid Witness


Acts 17:16-34

Big Idea: Because God’s primary plan to reach the lost is through believers, I proclaim the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit with faithfulness and boldness

When I proclaim the Gospel message:

1. My heart breaks for the lost and for God’s glory (v. 16)

2. I may be mocked (v. 17-18, 32)

3. I am ready at all times to give an answer (v. 19-20)

4. I am bold and unafraid (v. 22-23)

5. I help people understand the big questions of life

a. Where did I come from? (v. 24-25)
b. Who am I and why am I here? (v. 26-27)
c. Where am I going? (v. 30-31)

6. I lead people to a response

a. Ridicule and reject it (v. 32)
b. Repent and receive it (v. 34)