Bold Faith, Big Impact


Acts 4:1-31

Big Idea: Big impact for God comes through bold faith in God

1. Sharing my faith as a bold witness (v. 1-12)

a. My witness is direct overflow of unashamed worship;
b. Proclaim the resurrection and relationship, not rules and religion
c. The greatest witness of impact of the Gospel is a changed life
d. Expect the opposition while trusting God with the outcome
e. God’s Word is unstoppable, God’s power unconquerable

2. Standing firm in my faith with bold conviction (v. 8-22)

a. My boldness in proclaiming Jesus grows as I become more like Jesus through being with Jesus
b. To do the work of God I need the power of God
c. Because all need to know God’s truth, I share God’s truth with all
d. Living boldly requires asking myself the right question
e. I follow God with courage and I trust God with the consequences

3. Strengthening my faith through bold prayers (v. 23-31)

1) Claim the character of God (v. 24-30)
2) Proclaim the promises of God (v. 25-28)
3) Prioritize the mission of God (v. 29-30)
4) Embrace & Exercise the power of God (v. 31)