Growing In Gospel Fruitfulness


Colossians 1:3-8

Big Idea: As Gospel truth grows in me, it produces Gospel fruit through me

2 realities of growing in the Gospel:

1. After the Gospel comes to me, it must continue to grow in me (v. 5-8)

How I cultivate Gospel growth in me:
a) Water it
b) Seek the proper environment
c) Provide the right nutrients
d) Pull the weeds
e) Pruning
f) Embrace the process

2. As Gospel dependency is cultivated in me, it produces fruit through me (v. 3-6)

Fruit of the Gospel:
a) Faithfully focusing on Jesus (v.4)
b) Unconditionally loving all others (v. 4)
c) Anchored in unshakeable hope (v. 5)