First Things First


Colossians 1:18-20

Big idea: Because Jesus is pre-eminent in all I exalt Jesus over all

I exalt Jesus over all because:

1. Jesus is the leader of His church (v. 18)

Jesus’ blueprint for building His church:
1) He has an intentional design (v. 18)
2) Different roles but equal value (v. 21-24)
3) Many parts but one mission (v. 12-17)
4) Unity through diversity (v. 25)
5) Commitment to faithfully living in Biblical community (v. 25-27)

2. Jesus is first in all things (v. 18-19)

3. Jesus makes peace possible for me (v. 20)

The Peacemaker’s playbook:
1) Make the first move
2) Hold nothing back
3) Cover the cost
4) Display the Gospel
5) Pay the full price