Unstoppable Prayers Part 2

20171015 Unstoppable Prayers - Part 2.JPG

Ephesians 1:19-23

Big Idea: The presence of God infuses the power of God for the purposes of God in my life

The resurrecting power of God:

1) Brings abundant life from death (v. 19-20)

Prayer conquers:
a) Fear (Moses)
b) Anxiety (Gideon)
c) Anger (Peter)

2) Brings empowered purpose to life (v. 20-23)

3 Realities of Jesus’ reign:

a) His position ensures our security (v.20)
b) His pre-eminence requires our surrender (v. 21-22)
c) His presence demands our service (v. 22-23)

Breakthrough prayers
a) Approach God with confidence
b) Approach God with humility
c) Prioritize God’s purpose
d) Lean in not out
e) Bold and fervent