But God

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Ephesians 2:1-9

Big Idea: Works Are Not The Root Of My Salvation, But Works Are The Fruit Of My Salvation

1) I embrace my own death (v. 1-3)

2 deadly realities:
a) It’s not you, it’s me (v.1)
b) My death sentence is final (v.1-3)

A spiritually dead person:
a) Follows the world (v. 2)
b) Follows Satan (v. 2)
c) Follows their own sinful desires (v. 2-3)

2) I experience life only through Christ’s death (v. 4-9)

5 false gospel narratives:
a) I’m not really dead
b) I’m not that bad
c) Hell isn’t real
d) I can work and earn this
e) Jesus isn’t the only way

“But God” – from life to death:
a) Dead in sin But God Alive through Christ
b) Walking in the world But God Raised through Christ
c) Follower of Satan But God Seated with Christ
d) Passion of the flesh But God Refreshed by God’s mercy
e) Desires of the body But God Redeemed by God’s love
e) Desires of the mind But God Renewed by God’s kindness
f) Sentenced to death But God Saved by God’s grace
g) Child of wrath But God Child of God
h) Trophy of flesh But God Trophy of God’s grace