Saved By Grace, Saved For Works

20171029 Saved By Grace, Saved For Works.JPG

Ephesians 2:10

Big Idea: Works Are Not The Root Of My Salvation, But Works Are The Fruit Of My Salvation

1) God has done a work in me, so I display it (v. 10)

Lies I often believe:
a) I’m a mistake
b) I’m worthless
c) I’m my own
d) I’m a finished product
e) I’m useless

2) God desires to work through me, so I embrace it (v. 4-9)

Vision: Serve One
a) We all have a gift to use for God’s mission
b) We are stewards of this gift from God
c) God gives both the gift and the power to use it
d) My serving brings glory to God