Walk This Way

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Ephesians 4:1-6

Big Idea: The path of a unified church is paved by loving God over all and loving others in all

1) Loving God over all (v. 1)

My love of God over all is demonstrated through:
a) My full surrender
b) My ascription of value
c) My sacrificial obedience

2) Loving others in all (v. 2-6)

Loving Others Through:
a) Humility
b) Gentleness
c) Patience
d) Continually choosing to love
e) Fighting to protect Christ’s unity

Love is the sacrificial, unconditional, uncommon, joyful & continual decision of my heart to seek the highest good of God and the other person in every and all situations.

7 marks of a healthy and unified church:
a) One body
b) One Spirit
c) One hope
d) One Lord
e) One Faith
f) One baptism
g) One God and Father