Blueprint For Building God's Church

Blueprint For Building God's Church.JPG

Ephesians 4:7-16

Big Idea: My Gifting Is Given By The Grace Of God To Be Used For The Glory Of God In Building The Church Of God

God’s gifts of grace build His church by:

1) Maintaining our collective unity through individual diversity (v. 7-13)

5 Realities that mobilize my gifts for God’s glory:
a) I have a gift
b) My gift isn’t primarily for me
c) I’m a steward of my gift
d) Its not my strength anyway
e) I glorify God by using my gifts to help build His church

2) Accomplishing our collective ministry through individual maturity (v. 12-16)

My spiritual individual development plan:
a) Grow up (v. 13-15)
b) Speak up (v. 15)
c) Step up (v.16)