The One Question That Truly Matters

The One Question That Truly Matters.JPG

John 3:1-18

Big Idea: Jesus Is The Answer To Your Question, The Solution To Your Problem, The Treasure That You Seek, And The Light In Your Darkness

What Easter means for me today:

1) Not religion but relationship (v. 1-15)

5 realities of my personal relationship with King Jesus:
a) Freedom instead of bondage
b) Grace instead of guilt
c) Light instead of darkness
d) Closeness instead of distance
e) Clarity instead of confusion

2) Not excluded, but included (v.16-18)

3) Not death, but life (v. 16-18)

4) Not talk, but action (v. 16-18)

The one question that truly matters:
Do you believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?
(John 3:15-18)