A Gospel-Centered Family

A Gospel-Centered Family.JPG

Ephesians 6:1-4

Big Idea: A Gospel-Centered Family Is Built On The Grace Of God, By The Truth Of God And Through The Strength Of God.

In a Gospel centered family:

1) Parents model Christ (v. 1)

2) Children obey like Christ (v.1-3)

3 things children must understand about obeying and honoring their parents:
a) It is a big deal
b) It is out of love
c) It is for your best

3) Parents teach Christ (v. 4)

How I disciple my children:
a) I target my children’s heart, not their behaviors
b) I don’t discipline out of anger but out of love
c) I show them Jesus every day

3 Ways I show my children Jesus in the everyday:
a) Planned – family discipleship times
b) Moments – everyday opportunities
c) Memorials – celebrate significant milestones