Confidence In Jesus's Power Over My Suffering

20180715 Confidence In Jesus' Power Over My Suffering.jpg

Mark 5:21-34

Big Idea: I am confident that my dependence on Jesus leads to my peace through Jesus

1. In my desperation I declare my dependence (v. 21-29)

5 Hurdles to my dependence on Jesus:
1) My flesh
2) My pride
3) My fear
4) My hurt
5) My doubt

2. In my suffering I seek my Savior (v. 25-34)

The pathway to peace in my suffering:
1) In her audacity, she acknowledged Jesus’s authority
2) In her claim, she was confident in Jesus’s compassion
3) In her mess, she met her Messiah
4) In her pain, she procured Jesus’s power
5) In her poverty, she met her Peacemaker
6) In her hopelessness, she found her hope in the Healer
7) In her rejection, she reached out to her Redeemer
8) In her faith, she found her freedom
9) In her Deliverer, she found her true identity
10) In her worry, she still worshipped