Equipped With The Power To Change

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Mark 9:14-29

Big Idea: The power of God transforms my impossible into God’s possible

5 beliefs that change everything for me:

1. I believe I only experience the power of God in the presence of God (v. 14-23)

The presence of God gives me the power to:
a) Face My Opposition (v. 14)
b) Face My Failures (v. 18-19)
c) Fight My Battles (v. 20-23)

2. I believe the power of God comes from the direction of my faith and not the depth of my faith (v. 20-25)

3. I believe the power of God is unleashed when I seek God’s way over my way (v. 21-27)

4. I believe with the power of God nothing is ever dead or done until God says it is (v. 20-27)

5. I believe the power of God makes my impossible possible only through my prayers (v. 28-29)

Why I don’t pray:
a) I don’t believe
b) It’s not a priority
c) My pride
d) I don’t know how

Why I must pray:
Nothing changes without it; everything changes with it