Equipped With Understanding On Mission

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Mark 9:30-50

Big Idea: Understanding that Jesus sacrificed everything for me leads me to sacrifice everything for Him

How understanding Jesus’s sacrifice for me changes me:

1. I don’t desire status; I desire to serve (v. 30-35)

True greatness redefined:
a) I am not defined by who is serving me but by who I am serving
b) I am not defined by my earthly position but by my eternal mission
c) I am not defined by what I can get but by what I can give

2. I don’t reject the outcast; I receive the outcast (v. 36-37)

3. I am not foolish and prideful; I am faithful and humble (v. 38-41)

My personal pride test:
a) Am I upset if I am not praised for my work?
b) Is earthly popularity crucial to my sense of self-worth?
c) Do I feel like I always know a better way to do something?
d) Do I feel like I need to give my input on everything?
e) Am I upset if God uses others to answer my prayers?

My pathway from pride to humility:
a) Recognize
b) Repent
c) Receive
d) Recalibrate
e) Rejoice

4. I am not consumed with self-satisfaction; I am committed to soul-satisfaction (v. 42-50)

How to move from self-satisfaction to soul-satisfaction:
a) What am I doing that I need to stop doing right now?
b) Where am I going that I need to stop going to right now?
c) What am I looking at that I need to stop looking at right now?