Believing In The Promise Of Peace


Luke 1:26-47

Big Idea: When I believe the word of God, I experience the peace of God

I have peace when:

1. I believe in the presence of God in the midst of my fear (v. 26-38)

10 Fears that threaten my peace:
a) My past
b) My age
c) My experience
d) My finances
e) My culture and safety
f) My reputation
g) My relationships
h) My loneliness
i) My disrupted plans
j) My capabilities

2. I believe in the power of God in the midst of my uncertainty (v. 34-38)

How I have peace through God’s power:
a) Surrender to God’s Lordship and leadership
b) Embrace God’s plan
c) Trust God’s word

3. I believe in the promises of God in the midst of my journey (v. 39-47)

3 evidences of a peace filled life:
a) I magnify God alone
b) I rejoice in God always
c) I believe in Jesus as my Savior