Equipped With Hope On The Mission

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Mark 10:32-52

Big Idea: I live with hope by daily anchoring myself in the promises of God through the power of God to accomplish the purposes of God

1. My hope comes through sacrifice not status (v. 32-45)

Living daily with hope means:
a) I fully embrace living under authority
b) I fully embrace laying my life down for God and others
c) I fully embrace the freedom Jesus purchased for me
d) I fully embrace giving my all for God’s Mission

2. My hope comes through believing not seeing (v. 46-52)

How I have hope even when I can’t see:
a) Recognize Jesus is my savior (v. 47)
b) Cry out for help (v. 47)
c) Pursue Jesus undeterred by my past or by naysayers (v. 48)
d) Trust Jesus to respond (v. 49)
e) Take heart and have hope (v. 49)
f) Respond to Jesus’s call by going to Him (v. 49-50)
g) Throw off my old identity (v. 50)
h) Believe in Jesus as my Savior (v. 51-52)
i) Ask for healing (v. 52)
j) Follow Jesus on mission (v. 52)