Committed To Embracing The Mission


Mark 16:9-20

Big idea: Living in the presence of God empowers me to faithfully live on mission for God

In the presence of God:

1) I find my peace (v.9-16; John 20:24-29)

How I live daily in the presence of God:
a. I set my heart on the word of God
- Set a time
- Set a place
- Set a plan
- Protect the priority
- Have an open heart
- Focus on quality not quantity

b. I set my heart to worship God
- Lips
- Mind
- Ears
- Eyes
- Heart

2) I find my purpose (v. 15-16; 20)

Key questions for my mission faithfulness:
a. Am I more committed to being successful or being faithful?
b. Am I more committed to self-preservation or savior proclamation?

3) I find my power (v. 15-20)