Sent To Serve Our Community


Jeremiah 29:1-14

Big idea: Building my life on God leads to living on mission for God

I build my life:

1) On God’s ability not my inability (v. 1:4-8)

God’s Ability My Responsibility
a. I have a plan for you I make no excuses
b. I’m sending you I go where god sends me
c. I will prepare you I do what god asks
d. I will equip you with words I say what god commands
e. I will go with you I am confident in god’s presence
f. I will deliver you I trust in god’s deliverance

2) On my spiritual identity not my physical geography (v. 4-6)

How I build my life on God’s priorities:
a. I bloom where I’m planted
b. I multiply
c. I invest my life

3) On God’s priorities not my priorities (v. 4-10)

How I build my life on God’s priorities:
a. Love God
b. Love my city
c. Serve my city
d. Pray for my city
e. Don’t listen to lies/seek God’s truth
f. Trust God’s promises