The Choices Of A Humble Heart


Philippians 2:1-11

Big idea: In view of Christ’s humility, I always put you before me

3 choices of a humble heart:

1)  Because Jesus laid down his rights, I think of you before me (v. 1-7)

2)  Because Jesus gave Himself sacrificially, I serve you before me  (v.3- 8) 

3)  Because Jesus died for me, I consider you more significant than me (v.3-4, 8-11)

Ways to cultivate humility in my daily life:

a.      Acknowledge that I am prideful
b.   Daily reflect on the cross of Christ and the glory of Christ 
c.   Begin each day by acknowledging my dependence on God and gratefulness to God
d.   End each day by giving God all the glory
e.   Practice spiritual disciplines daily and pray continually
f.    Weaponize my commute and workout with God’s Word and worship
g.   Encourage and serve someone else daily/hourly