A Contrite Heart Is A Repentant Heart


Psalm 51:1-7, 2 Samuel 11-12

Big idea: I experience genuine life transformation through true repentance from my sin not temporary regret over my sin

1. 5 realities of my ongoing battle with sin:
1) I’m vulnerable and a target
2) I often commit additional sin to cover up my first sin
3) Spiritual laziness leads to sinful abundance
4) Secret sin is never actually really secret
5) Sin and the consequences of sin never just go away

2. 5 common responses to my sin:
1) I hide it
2) I rationalize it
3) I blame-shift
4) I’m sorry for it
5) I repent of it

3. My ongoing journey of true repentance:
1) Search my heart (2 Samuel 12:13)
2) Own my sin (v. 3-6)
3) Fully trust in the abundant mercy of God (v. 1-7)
4) Fully turn from my sin (v. 16-19)
5) Confess my sin to God and others (v. 1-7)
6) Change: flee godlessness and pursue Godliness (v. 1-19)