Finding Certainty In A World Of Uncertainty


Psalm 119:1-16

Big idea: I build my life on God’s Word because the world is always changing but God’s Word never changes

Because God’s Word never changes:

1. My heart must change

a. Am I seeking God with my whole heart?

b. Opportunities to teach the Word in my daily life

c. Why I might wander from God’s word
1) I’m overwhelmed by it
2) I don’t understand it
3) I do understand it, but I don’t like it
4) I’ve grown numb to it
5) I’m rebelling against it

2. My habits must change

Walking daily in God’s Word means:
a. Choosing to trust all of God’s Word as absolute truth
b. Learning from God’s Word what it means to walk in integrity
c. Choosing to walk in God’s Word as a person of integrity
d. Sharing God’s Word with boldness and gentleness
e. Growing in personal holiness through ongoing obedience
f. Learning to love, cherish, and delight in God’s Word

Ways to intentionally approach my Bible:
a. Prayerfully
b. Humbly
c. Desperately
d. Studiously
e. Obediently
f. Joyfully
g. Expectantly
h. Communally
i. Christ-centered
j. Faithfully