My Happiness Through God's Holiness


Psalm 1

Big idea: Pursuing God’s holiness for my life produces God’s happiness in my life

1) The lie:   Surrounding myself with people who tell me what I want to hear will lead to my happiness (v. 1-2)

The truth:   Surrounding myself with people who tell me what God wants me to hear helps lead me to true happiness

2)      The lie:   I must allow my changing circumstances and fleeting feelings to define my happiness (v. 3-4)

The truth:   I must plant myself firmly in God’s word to experience true happiness

5 realities of planting myself firmly in God’s word:
a.     I can’t produce my own happiness
b.     Happiness is found in deep roots not on the shallow surface level
c.     Happiness isn’t seasonal, but fruit is
d.     True happiness and growing pains aren’t mutually exclusive
e.     The fruit I produce isn’t for my own consumption

3)      The lie:   Pursuing my personal happiness my own way is my harmless  priority (v. 5-6)

The truth:    The consequence for pursuing my own happiness are severe but the blessings of pursuing God’s holiness are sweet and sufficient