Walking In The Light

Walking In The Light.JPG

1 John 1:5-10

Big Idea: God Is Light, Therefore I Should Walk In Light

God’s gifts of grace build His church by:

1) Darkness does not exist in God, He is light (v. 5)

6 ways I walk in the dark:
a) Defending
b) Faking
c) Hiding
d) Exaggerating
e) Blaming
f) Downplaying

2) Because God is light, I must walk in the light (v. 6-7)

3 characteristics of walking in the light:
a) I confess my sins to a holy God (v. 9)
b) I confess my sins to one another in community and mutual accountability (v.7)
c) I recognize my need for a Savior (v. 8-10)