Building God's Way

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Ephesians 4:17-32

Big Idea: A Godly Life Is Built By Not Just Saying No To Sin But Also By Continually Saying Yes To Jesus

I Live A Godly Life By:

1) Saying no to a conflicted heart and yes to a confident heart (v. 17-18)

2) Saying no to a calloused heart and yes to a compassionate heart (v. 18-24)

3) Saying no to a cluttered heart and yes to a clean heart (v. 22-32)

5 Ways I transform my old cluttered life to a new clean life (v.25-32):
a) Saying no to lying and yes to the truth (v. 25)
b) Saying no to unrighteous anger and yes to righteous anger (v. 26-27)
c) Saying no to stealing and yes to working and giving (v. 28)
d) Saying no to corrupt talk and yes to encouraging talk (v. 29-30)
e) Saying no to bitterness and rage and yes to kindness and forgiveness (v. 31-32)