Transformation By Imitation

Transformation By Imitation.JPG

Ephesians 5:1-21

Big Idea: My Imitation Of God Leads To Transformation For God

I imitate God By:

1) Walking in love (v. 1-3)

2 ways I walk in love:
a) I am content and not covetous (v. 1,3)
b) I am selfless and not selfish (v. 2)

2) Walking in light (v. 3-14)

a) Exalts God (v. 3-7)
b) Produces fruit (v. 8-10)
c) Exposes sin (v. 11-14)

3) Walking in wisdom (v. 15-21)

Am I walking in wisdom?
a) What drives me? (v. 15-17)
b) What controls me? (v. 18-21)

3 evidences I am controlled by the Holy Spirit
1) I’m Joyful (v. 19)
2) I’m Thankful (v. 20)
3) I’m Submitted (v. 21)