A Gospel-Controlled Marriage

A Gospel-Controlled Marriage.JPG

Ephesians 5:21-33

Big Idea: The Primary Goal Of Biblical Marriage Is Not To Make You Happy But To Make You Holy

2 Important truths about submission (v. 21):
1. Submission is for all of us, not just some of us
2. Submission is not about power, it is about worship

A Gospel-controlled marriage exalts Christ when:

1) A wife worships Christ by submitting to her husband as Jesus submitted to God (v. 22-24)

A wife’s Spirit-controlled submission:
a) Signifies equal value but different role
b) Driven by love for Christ and your spouse
c) Displays the Gospel to a watching world
d) Is value enhancing not value diminishing
e) Is not unconditional obedience

2) A husband worships Christ by sacrificing for his wife as Jesus sacrificed for His church (v. 25-33)

A husband’s Spirit-controlled love:
a) Sacrificing love
b) Sanctifying love
c) Satisfying love

The question that changes your marriage:
How can I serve you?